We cannot ignore the convenience of shopping on-line as it is now a part of everyday life. Since the Covid epidemic many more people have used this convenient alternative and it will continue to grow. The traditional high street is in steep decline but not all hope is lost.

At our retail store we can offer you something that the internet just cannot and never will. Face to face information, knowledge and reassurance. When a purchase or sale of jewellery is transacted an expert opinion is required to put a market value to the item(s) in question. We offer just that. Our 35+ years of dealing with jewellery and precious metals means that we can almost immediately identify the materials, origin, quality and most importantly its value. Certainly you can resort to the web, but are you really sure? Yes you can do your research but who wrote the 'expert' piece to begin with? Not sure? Then resort to the trusted opinion of the people who have a vested interest in maintaining a long held and good reputation. A reputation that has taken years to earn and most importantly TRUST. Ask yourself this simple question: Who do you trust? A local expert or a faceless web site? Once you have visited local experts, if you don't like what you have been told then you can always go back to the web.