Increases in Gold prices made us look closely at how we could offer Engagement rings at affordable prices.

We decided to work with a trusted UK supplier to create a range of Gold & Platinum rings in which we could add our own stones, thus saving us the time and expense of developing a new range and saving our customers money by supplying our own Diamonds. To date we have continued to develop this range with outstanding results.

In our shop you can now find new 9 carat White, Yellow and Red Gold Diamond rings from £250.00 and Pre owned starting from as little as £100.00.

 We also stock 18 carat Yellow and White Gold and can manufacture 18k Red to order. If we have a design that you like, but want a bigger or smaller Diamond then we can do that-no problem!

The quality of our stock is superior to that offered by High Street multiples and comparable to the very best of other high end independent stores, but without the hefty price tag.

Our extensive range of pre-owned Diamond jewellery is re polished and sanitized and where needed refurbished with an average price about half the cost of buying the item new. 

We can also manufacture to order Red Yellow and White gold Wedding Bands, either plain or Diamond set, so pay us a visit and we are sure you will be surprised at what we have to offer.

Andrew Humphries.